Please review the biographies below for the candidate for the Office of the 2nd Vice President and the candidate for the Office of the Treasurer.  The vote to elect the 2nd Vice President and Treasurer will begin the week of 4/15/2019, closing on 4/29/2019, giving CBHL members 60 days to review the candidate’s bio.

The Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries 2019 Candidate’s Biography for the Office of 2nd Vice President

Mark Stewart

I am truly honoured to have been nominated to run for the office of 2nd Vice President at CBHL. I have found CBHL to be an indispensably helpful and welcoming organization since the moment I joined.

I have a BFA from York University in Toronto where I studied visual art and poetry. I worked for 6 years in the silviculture industry, reforesting clear-cuts all across northern Canada and Washington state. All told, I’ve planted over 400,000 trees, some of which just might become books in about a century! It was during my time as a tree planter that I fell in love with libraries. The work required that we lived nomadically, in tents, in the middle of nowhere. On days off, we went to the nearest town where I always made a beeline for the public library. I learned how truly precious it is just to be able to access the world of information and to never take that access for granted. It also helped that libraries are warm, dry, and fairly friendly toward somewhat-dirty, somewhat-homeless bush people! I decided to become a librarian.

I earned my MLIS from McGill University in Montreal in 2013. I completed several library internships but the most formative, by far, was at Longwood Gardens. Being able to combine my love of libraries and plants was a dream come true and I will always be grateful for that experience.

I then worked in a public library north of Toronto as Manager of Public Services where I was able to establish a seed-lending library and a community food garden around the building.

Currently, I’m the Knowledge Resources Manager at Toronto Botanical Garden. I run the Weston Family Library and am also in charge of document retention, knowledge management, and the garden’s interpretation program. I teach classes on growing tropical plants, dealing with invasive species, and heirloom seed-saving/stewardship. In 2018 I was also Acting Director of Education here at the garden.

Outside of work, I’m the treasurer at East York Community Garden and also a volunteer librarian/archivist at the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives.

I warmly welcome the opportunity to serve on the CBHL Board and to give back to this organization which has helped me so much.

The Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries 2019 Candidate’s Biography for the Office of Treasurer

Betsy Kruthoffer

After receiving a B.A. in history from Clemson University in 1987, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Instead of making a decision, I got a student work visa and moved to Cambridge, England, where I worked in a loan office for six months. It was a great experience, but when I went home to Georgia I still didn’t know what to do with the rest of my life. When my mother told me she had once considered going to library school, I did not even know there was such a thing and I began to investigate.

My first library job interview was for a circulation position at the University of Georgia Libraries in 1988. My second interview was in the basement of the same library, in the Acquisitions Department. After spending my summers during college dealing with the public at the information centers of a busy metro Atlanta park, the idea of working with books, and not directly with patrons, was very appealing and I accepted the acquisitions job. I have worked in what used to be called “technical services” ever since.

After a year in Athens, GA, I started library school at the University of Kentucky, where I worked in the Bibliographic Maintenance Department. In 1990, I moved from the Bluegrass to the Rocky Mountains to spend two wonderful years cataloging monographs and serials at the University of Wyoming Libraries in Laramie. I moved to the Cincinnati area in 1992 to marry my husband Chip, also a librarian, who I had met in Kentucky.

In 1993 I started working at the Lloyd Library and Museum. During my 25+ years at the Lloyd, I have helped convert a card catalog to an online catalog, planned and implemented major shelving and shifting projects, and curated rare book exhibits. In the process I have learned so much about the literature of botany, natural history, and medicinal plants. I have also had the privilege of attending six Rare Book School classes which have further advanced my understanding of how to properly catalog and care for our most precious items. Being a member of CBHL has been an important part of my professional education as well, thanks to the institutions I have visited, the collections I have been exposed to, and the lifelong friendships I’ve made.

I haven’t been able to attend every CBHL meeting since my first one in 1995 because I had my daughter Abby in 1998 and worked part-time at the Lloyd as she was growing up. Now she is a senior at Ohio State University and I have been full-time for the past couple of years. When the CBHL board asked me to be treasurer for one year, I was happy to help. I have enjoyed learning the job and working with the board, and I would be glad to continue to give back to this organization that has meant so much to me by serving as CBHL treasurer for the next five years.

**The vote to elect the Second Vice President and Treasurer will will begin the week of 4/15/2019, closing on 4/29/2019, giving CBHL members 60 days to review the candidate’s bio.**